The PROHANDYMAN group of companies is committed to ensuring that its employees have a clear set of values, policies and procedures that govern the way in which we go about our business.

The underlying principles of this policy are from the King Report III on Corporate Governance.

The code of conduct outlined herein is aimed at providing a brief description of these principles and practises, and should be upheld at all times whilst working for any company within the PROHANDYMAN group.

As such we all need to work hard to understand and comply with the standards expressed in this code.

The responsibility of communicating compliance with and observance of this code lies with management.

This code promotes and enforces ethical standards for basic business practices.

This code applies to all employees of the group.


PROHANDYMAN is committed to providing all people who work on or visit our workplaces with an environment that is safe and free from risk so far as is reasonably practicable. This commitment is encapsulated in a core value that “no job is so important that it cannot be executed safely”.

Further, we are committed to minimising the impact of our construction activities on the surrounding environment through adherence with our Environmental Management Policy, which ensures that we are not the cause of environmental pollution where ever possible.

We are all accountable for ensuring PROHANDYMAN’s Environmental and Health & Safety Management Policies are adhered to. Any job or task must be assessed if it is believed to be unsafe or has the potential to cause harm to the environment. Where necessary, the job or task will be stopped in order to prevent harm to employees or the environment.

Managers are accountable for the implementation and monitoring of our Environmental and Health & Safety Management Policies across all of our projects and workplaces.

If you see or become aware of anything at work that is unsafe or is likely to lead to an unsafe or unhealthy situation, or which may cause harm to the environment, or if anyone asks you to do anything that you do not feel you are qualified or experienced enough to do safely, you should immediately voice your concerns with your manager.


Our group’s reputation is one of our greatest assets. We work actively to build a reputation of excellence in our people, systems and products.

When our actions contravene our code and values of teamwork, communication, integrity and excellence in any way, it can adversely impact our Group’s positive reputation.

Management and employees will uphold the reputation of the group, by supporting, communicating with, avoiding friction with and promoting the group with all stakeholders.

You are at no stage to become involved with collusive and uncompetitive behaviour.

Quality is of utmost importance for the group and both management and employees must pursue this at all times.

All stakeholders should be facilitated by management to give feedback to the group as to its performance at all times.

Performance of duties should be at the expected level of skill, knowledge, experience and judgement.


PROHANDYMAN is committed in its endeavours to ensure that it complies with the provisions of competition legislation in all jurisdictions where it is active. All employees have a responsibility to comply with the provisions of competition legislation and are to take all necessary steps to personally ensure compliance with the Competition Laws applicable to the country in which the company operates and in line with PROHANDYMAN procedure, as well as in respect of every employee of the company for whom they are responsible, and must immediately report to the company any breaches of such legislation of which they become aware.

It is unlawful to engage in discussions or agreements with competitors of PROHANDYMAN in relation to any of the following:

Collusive tendering / bid rigging, and in particular, participating in any agreements or discussions with competitors regarding any of the following:

• whether or not PROHANDYMAN will participate in a tender or bid;

• whether or not PROHANDYMAN will refrain from participating in a bidding process;

• co-operation in any way in order to facilitate the awarding of a particular tender/contract to a particular bidder;

• the price for a product or service which the bidder will tender (eg. “cover pricing”);

* The margins which will be applied;

• the volumes of a particular product or service that will be offered; or

• conditions or qualifications of the tender

Dividing markets by allocating customers, suppliers, territories or specific types of goods or services, including any of the following:

* the geographic areas in which PROHANDYMAN and/or its competitors will compete or not compete;

* the customers to whom PROHANDYMAN and/or its competitors will or will not provide services;

* the suppliers from whom PROHANDYMAN and/or its competitors will or will not buy;

* the specific types of goods or services each of them will sell or produce; or

* the allocation and maintenance of existing market shares, geographical focus and/or customer bases

Agreements or discussions with competitors aimed at directly or indirectly fixing a purchase or selling price or any other trading condition, including participating in any agreements or discussions with competitors regarding any of the following:

* the amount or percentage by which prices are to be increased;

* discounts and allowances offered to customers;

* the process or formulae used to set prices or margins;

* rebates or credits afforded to customers/suppliers;

* the timing, size and scope of price adjustments

Engaging with a competitor in relation to any of the above discussions or agreements could lead to a significant financial penalty being imposed on the company and could also conceivably result in charges being preferred against the company and employees in their personal capacity.

Employees who contravene competition legislation in any material respect will be subject to disciplinary sanctions and/or may be summarily dismissed for gross misconduct.


PROHANDYMAN’s employees are expected to abide by the law at all times, within all of our operations.

Any deliberate breaches in the law will be dealt with very seriously.

If you observe anything that you think may involve a breach of any law, immediately take the matter up with your manager, or review PROHANDYMAN’s Whistle blowers Procedure for advice on how to proceed.

Trading in group shares are prohibited unless the group procedure is followed.


PROHANDYMAN prohibits bribery and corruption in all its business dealings.

Bribery involves making payment of any value to any person deliberately to distort a proper decision making process, to influence a person’s decision, to encourage to secure improper commercial advantage or to enter into a dishonest arrangement.

Corruption is the act of modifying the usual course of one’s function in such a way that it results in personal advantage or profit. Any form of exploitation of the group for personal advantage or profit is prohibited.

If you are at all concerned that any activity (either your own activity or that of another PROHANDYMAN employee) could represent bribery or corruption, you are required to raise this with your manager or a whistle blower officer immediately.

Examples of where bribery and corruption may arise:

* An employee offers a financial or other personal benefit to another person in a way that is intended to influence a business decision that the other person is empowered to make.

* An employee hides a subcontract variation order in one of PROHANDYMAN’s subcontracts which is for works completed on their own private property.

* Where an employee responsible for awarding or managing a subcontract derives a personal benefit by doing so.


Our employees are expected to act honestly and with integrity at all times.

Stealing, misappropriating or converting PROHANDYMAN’s property for personal benefit, and unauthorised access to information, are potentially criminal actions and violate our code of conduct.

You should ensure that business related purchases and transactions of a personal nature are kept separate, and that reimbursement for business expenses are administered transparently and correctly, using the appropriate company forms, and obtain your manager’s approval.

Concealing errors and omissions or attempting to protect fellow employees who are in breach of PROHANDYMAN’s code of conduct will also be viewed very seriously.

Should you deliberately choose to ignore or cover up any improper or dishonest conduct of a colleague you may be considered to have assisted in committing the offence and therefore subject to disciplinary action.

Assist to provide both the internal and external auditors with any information and explanation ensuring that their functions are not restricted.

All employees should aim to communicate openly and honestly with both internal and external persons at all levels.


To make impartial business decisions, nothing should conflict with an employee’s responsibility to the company, or compromise, or appear to compromise, work performance, commitment or ability to make impartial decisions.

We have a responsibility to act in the best interests of the group and avoid situations and actions that may be, or create the appearance of being, in conflict with the group’s overall objectives and principles.

If you are at all concerned that any activity (either your own activity or that of another PROHANDYMAN employee) could represent a conflict of interest, you are required to raise this with your manager or a whistle blower officer immediately.

Examples of where a conflict of interest may arise:

* An employee who favours a supplier due to a personal relationship with them and receives goods or services at no cost, or an unreasonable cost.

* Operating an undisclosed side business that is related to the work that PROHANDYMAN undertakes.

* Undertaking construction related work outside of PROHANDYMAN business without declaring it or obtaining permission from your senior director.


Providing our people with a workplace that encourages equal opportunities to contribute and to realise their potential is fundamental to our success.

We encourage a diverse and multi-cultural work environment that is free from bias and discrimination.

Remuneration levels are to be at acceptable levels throughout the group and where necessary within the limits laid down by statute.

Decisions or conduct based on attributes unrelated to job performance (i.e. race, colour, gender, religion, personal associations, national origin, age, disability, political beliefs, marital status, sexual orientation, and family responsibilities) constitute unlawful and unacceptable discrimination, and will not be tolerated.

Should you encounter any type of discrimination you are to report it to your manager of to the Human Resource department.


Management and employees must consider efficiencies, cost cutting, value engineering and any other matters that provide its stakeholders with quality structures within set budgets.

Limit the risks to suppliers and subcontractors who engage in projects for the group.

To take care, avoid wastage, minimise misuse and prohibit abuse of all assets of the company.

Be ever conscious of maintaining costs at a minimum and supervise all resources within the group and without prejudice to the group.


Assist one another to achieve the expectations of management and fellow employees.

Participate in all group activities / projects that promote the group.


The illegal use of drugs, misuse of legal drugs or other substances is not permitted under any circumstances within any PROHANDYMAN workplace. Alcohol must not be consumed, or offered at any PROHANDYMAN workplace, including project sites, without senior management approval.

Employees attending site in an intoxicated state will be deemed “not fit for duty”, and will be suspended pending further investigation which in turn may lead to disciplinary action.

Legislation prescribes rules relating to smoking in a public environment. This legislation applies to all PROHANDYMAN workplaces and environments.

Should you become aware of any unauthorised use of alcohol, drugs or smoking you are to report it to your manager or the Human Resource department.


PROHANDYMAN does not tolerate any form of harassment or bullying in any of our workplaces. All employees must be treated fairly, respectfully and with dignity.

Harassment is an unacceptable action, conduct or behaviour that a reasonable person would find unwelcome, humiliating, intimidating or offensive.

Bullying is typically repeated, unreasonable behaviour directed toward a person, or group of people, that creates or is likely to create a risk to health, safety or well-being.

Workplace harassment and bullying should not be confused with advice or counselling (when conducted in a constructive manner) on work performance or work-related behaviour.

You must report and avoid intimidation and harmful activities at all times, whether by management or fellow employees.


In the day-to-day communications use is made of advanced technology to conduct the business. Employees are provided with the opportunity to use mediums such as telephones, e-mail, social networking sites, the intranet

and the internet, that are network resources and facilities owned or controlled by PROHANDYMAN. These facilities are resources, and in some cases a privilege to use and they should not be abused.

Employees are responsible for their own conduct. PROHANDYMAN’s communication mediums must not be used to offend, discriminate against or harass work colleagues or the public. This includes but is not limited to accessing, viewing, sending, storing, transmitting, creating or downloading material of this nature.

Limited use of the company’s IT infrastructure for personal use is not totally prohibited, but should not interfere with your employment obligations or overload the company’s systems. Excessive personal use is unacceptable. If you are in doubt, discuss with your line manager.


All employees are responsible for appropriate use and safeguarding of assets under their control. PROHANDYMAN assets must not be used for personal benefit.

Computer hardware, software and all data on PROHANDYMAN’s systems as well as PROHANDYMAN data on your home or non-PROHANDYMAN electronic systems are considered PROHANDYMAN property. At all times they should be used properly, sensibly and effectively, with appropriate and accurate records kept.

Intellectual property (IP) is anything that an employee creates whilst working for PROHANDYMAN and such IP remains the property of the group from the date of its creation.


In principle gifts and hospitality should only be offered or accepted if they are occasional and of modest value. Please consult the PROHANDYMAN gift policy.


In matters of topical interest, employees are unlikely to be in a position to know all the facts and consequently may give the wrong impression and or/ information which could prove damaging to PROHANDYMAN’s image. Similarly, statements on industrial disputes or site incidents can easily be misinterpreted when they are not based on a complete knowledge of the facts of a particular case.

Employees, other than those specifically authorised by the Executive Committee, are not permitted to give information or be interviewed by the media (radio, press, television) and cannot make public statements on any aspects of PROHANDYMAN or its operations.


Consideration for requests to engage in outside employment should establish whether the outside employment would interfere with the performance of official duties and whether it would give rise to a conflict of interest.

All conflicting interests with the group must be disclosed.

You may not engage in any outside employment or conduct any business, trade or profession without written permission from the relevant Group Managing Director.


You have an obligation and are personally responsibility to protect other employees’, clients’, contractors’ and suppliers’ right to privacy.

This means doing everything reasonable within your power to protect the security of any personal information you handle in the course of doing your job.


Your obligation to protect the company’s confidential information continues after your employment ceases. This means you must not use the group’s confidential information for personal benefit or the benefit of anybody else, disclose it to a third party, copy it or take it with you when you leave.

For more information you should refer to your confidentiality agreement which was signed at the commencement of your employment.


Adhere to all environmental and safety regulations laid down by both the group and statutory regulations.

Do not engage in any unlawful or unprotected industrial action.

You are required to adhere to all relevant legislation, irrespective of the region or country in which you are employed, pertaining to your employment with PROHANDYMAN.


Any breaches or suspected breaches of the code of conduct are to be reported to your manager. If it is not possible to communicate the issue with your line manager, the whistle blowers procedure should be followed.