Corporate Social Initiatives.

We believe in building the communities that build us as a company therefore we have built a crowdfunding programme to assist respected community members in need. These are people that have sacrificed their time to assist others around them, despite circumstance, the individuals who make a difference in their neighbourhood, whom everyone knows.

So how does this work?

Well the process is quite simple, the Nominator nominates someone as mentioned above. A community vote takes place to validate the community sentiment. One of our consultant will meet the nominator in secret to inspect the nominees home and discuss the renovation details. The total costs will be drafted and add on the site we from our end try and decrease all the expenses and source and many sponsors and volunteers to decrease expenses even further, the final outstanding amount is crowd sourced via online donations. Onch the final amount has been reached, a date will be arranged with the corporation of the nominator to start the renovation.